Haaaaaaappy birthday mom

I hope you have fun in Taipei… if that’s even possible without me hahaha but seriously have a wonderful day and go lang shop ‘til you drop mom - you deserve it!  

นำฉันกลับไปประเทศไทย Take me back to Thailand :(

Talk about backlog! Anyway so this was what we did during our last night in Phuket, Thailand:

We went to this place called FantaSea (haha I know cheesy right) but the show was pretty good so it was worth it in the end. 

My step-mom has this friend who’s afraid of fish… I kind of get why sometimes. 

There’s just something about Thailand. I guess it’s because I took up Muay Thai and I really miss it or the fact that I love culture and history but every visit I make makes me fall in love with Thailand more and more. 

Oh this part was really awesome because everything was neoooon.

But the highlight of my night was really the wonderful show at the Palace of the Elephants. It was so spectacular (I think some of the Thai dances are terrible pretty) and gaah I just felt so jealous at the end of the show because I wanted to be part of it :)) 

At the end of the show we had dinner at The Golden Kinnaree and it felt like we just walked into some sort of story book! The place looked lovely and it was a great way to end the night! 

ไม้ขาว, ภูเก็ต Mai Khao Beach, Phuket

Saturday 9 July 2011 

Mom and I decided to have breakfast at JW Marriott. Food was great and they had fresh coconuts! I can get pretty shallow but coconuts honestly make me really happy because they remind me of home :) 

They had a wedding that day and I was so excited because I seriously love weddings. If for some reason I don’t become an architect, I would definitely become a wedding planner haha. It rained for a while but then the sun started shining again and they were back to their perfect beach wedding.

The temperature in Thailand was no cooler than the temperature in Manila but for some reason the breeze made everything bearable! 

At the end of the path from the Marriott Vacation club you will find Mai Khao. The waves were a bit strong so I didn’t swim but I think they would’ve been perfect for surfing! Dear Dontdosadness and Mjms, I really really wanted to go surfing with you guys! :( 

Our cleaning ladies Dow, Fon, and Yora never fail to make me smile. They’ve been leaving the most adorable notes throughout our stay! 

I’ll post one more entry about this trip to Phuket then I’ll post some photos from our family trip to Singapore about 2 weeks ago.